Ukraine orders full military mobilisation

Ukraine has ordered a full mobilisation of its armed forces in response to Russia’s build-up of its forces in Crimea.

Prime Minster Arseniy Yatsenyuk said the country was “on the brink of disaster”.

NATO is holding emergency discussions on the situation. Its secretary-general has said Russia’s actions “threatened peace and security in Europe”.

United States of America President Barack Obama has called Russian troop deployments a “violation of Ukrainian sovereignty”.

Several other measures were announced on Sunday by national security officials:

  • The armed forces would be put on “full combat readiness”.
  • Reserves to be mobilised and trained
  • Ukraine’s foreign minister will seek the help of US and UK leaders in guaranteeing its security
  • Emergency headquarters to be set up
  • Increased security at key sites, including nuclear plants.
  • Airspace closed to all non-civilian aircraft.

Heavily armed groups continue to occupy key areas on the peninsula, including airports and communications centres, although fortunately there has been no actual violence.

We will keep you updated on the situation right here at Chernobyl.TV.

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