Chernobyl children visiting England for two weeks

Families are needed to host children affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster when they visit the North East of England next summer.

The Teesdale-Richmond link of Chernobyl Children Life Line initiative is looking for people to welcome a child into their home for two weeks during their visit to Teesdale, in County Durham, from July 5th to August 2nd.

In 1986, when the Chernobyl disaster happened, radioactive fallout landed on Belarus, where it is estimated that two million people still live in contaminated areas.

The Chernobyl Children Life Line offers children from Belarus the opportunity to come to the United Kingdom and stay with a family for a break from the radiation, the chance to eat nourishing food, and breathe clean air, which significantly increases life expectancy by giving their immune systems a chance to recover.

During the visit, children and host families participate in a packed programme of activities.

The charity raises money to cover the costs of each child’s visit.

Money has been raised this year from a charity ball, £200 from a sale St Mary’s Church Hall, in Barnard Castle, and £534 from a plant sale at the Methodist church hall, in Middleton-in-Teesdale.

Anyone interested in hosting a child is invited to a meeting at Costa Coffee, in Horsemarket, Barnard Castle, on Wednesday, October 9, at 7.30pm.

For information, call Jane Hackworth-Young 01833-627712 or e-mail

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  1. This is a great service that Chernobyl Children Life Line offers to children who are less fortunate than some of us. Too bad I dont live in the UK, I would seriously consider giving this woman a call if I did.

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