Giant catfish at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

In this video from who we believe is a man called Carl Willis, we see what the radiation has done to these catfish.

“Meet the monster catfish living in the channel that once brought cooling water to the ChNPP condensers. Radioactivity has indeed made these fish abnormally large, by effectively taking their most significant natural predator–the human–out of the food chain. The fish have become a popular attraction at Chernobyl. They have learned to congregate under the railroad bridge just east of ABK-1 in anticipation of food thrown to them by station employees and visitors, as we are doing here.”

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4 thoughts on “Giant catfish at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

  1. Oh my god! Oh my god! It is really impressive and bad to see an animal which has been influenced dramatically by this huge disaster. Radioactivity is one of the biggest problem nowadays. I believe that all the countries have a decent amount of it because of all the factories. However, Japan and USA are champions to this matter. And this is not just my opinion, but are facts from official researches.

  2. Those catfish actually look pretty good, they dont appear to be in bad shape at all. They sure have gotten pretty big over the years, alot bigger than the catfish I catch at my local pond. Would be cool one day to go down to Chernobyl and fish there.

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