10 Interesting facts about Chernobyl New Shelter

Chernobyl Focus | 27.6.2017

The Shelter is higher than the US Statue of Liberty and London’s Big Ben

November 29, there was a remarkable event in the history of nuclear security of Ukraine and the whole world. The huge dome-shaped building, known among specialists as the New Safe Confinement, covered the old Chernobyl “sarcophagus” to the next 100 years to protect the emergency fourth reactor of Chernobyl, radiation equipment, nuclear waste residues and dust.

At the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl protective arch was set.


This steel giant is unique not only because of its size, but also because it was created by the latest technology, and its cost is quite comparable with the estimate of interplanetary advanced projects.

  • New Safe Confinement impresses with its size: about 165 meters lenth, 260 meters wide and 110 meters high.
  • The new shelter is higher than the US Statue of Liberty and London’s Big Ben. Although it concedes Paris and the Eiffel Tower in height, but the metal used for the construction of facilities at Chernobyl, could build three such towers.
  • The total weight of the entire facility with equipment is about 31 thousand tons.
  • The metal framework and covering new shelter weigh is about 25 tons.
  • To collect all the metal arch segments confinement, 500 thousand bolts were used.
  • Areas coating steel giant Chernobyl – 86 thousand square meters, equivalent to 12 football fields.


Construction of a new shelter began in 2012 after preparatory work.

  • The building site was located at a safe distance from the old “sarcophagus” (about 300 metres) because of the high radiation background around it.

This factor significantly complicated the process of establishing new safe confinement over the shelter, built in November 1986.

  • For special rail construction giant was pushed toward the old shelter at a speed of 6 meters per day. Specially designed super cranes fixed it over the fourth reactor.
  • The total cost of the project is 2.15 billion. For comparison, the interplanetary project of NASA “Curiosity,” which aims to study Mars with the help of scientific laboratories that have taken on this planet, worth $ 2.5 billion.
  • Hermetic sealing of a new confinement expected to be completed in autumn 2017.



Since then, the fourth reactor, 200 tons of nuclear fuel, 43 thousand cubic meters of highly radioactive waste, 630,000 of radioactive waste and four tons of radioactive dust will be buried at least for 100 years.

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